About Arnie Abrams

Arnie Abrams, New Jersey record labelsArnie Abrams started playing piano at the early age of 5. At that young age, he began copying the hand movements of his father, an accomplished, self-taught pianist. His dad played exclusively by ear, and despite the fact that he could not read a single note, Howard Abrams knew and could play thousands of songs, all by ear, and without the use of sheet music.  Arnie inherited this gifted ear, and in addition to years of classical studies and performing, writing, arranging, and producing, Arnie has contributed significantly to the growth of the Banner Records label.

First coming to Banner, Arnie’s talents led him to arranging much of the music, as he worked with other talented musicians and vocalists associated with the Banner label.  The next step in Arnie’s journey was to become the Northeast Director of A & R for the label.  Finding talented new artists and great songs further developed the record label’s A & R department.

Abrams coordinated and communicated the logistics of many of the most successful projects at Banner. Given his diverse musical ability and talented business acumen, Arnie continues to play a key role in coordinating the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, contract administration, and promotion for the Banner Records label.

Optimizing these critical areas at Banner Records, Arnie was promoted to Vice President in 2016.  Together, with the great talent and resources at Banner Records, Arnie Abrams continues to take the independent label to new heights throughout the UK, Europe and the United States.