September 9, 1992, was a great day for country music and its fans everywhere as on that day Tyler Stephens was born. Tyler Stephens is a country music artist from the beautiful mountains of Southeastern Kentucky, only minutes from the well known Country Music Highway, US.

Tyler Stephens country artist was brought into music at a very initial age and set his sights on an outstanding and successful musical career and has never looked back. Holding true to his heritage he is already well known for his straight from the heart traditional country vocal. At only, 18 years old, with countless performances behind him and two completed albums and he also landed a recording deal with the independent record label: Big Appal Music.

Tyler Stephens country artist performs over 150 tour dates per year and strives to create music that the listener can relate to and live by. His songs speak the truth and tell your guests what he stands for and believes in.

Tyler Stephen can take your event beyond your expectations by setting the stage on fire with his style and melodious voice and his performance would be a double-header of brute talent an entertainment guaranteed to get you and your guests on their feet and singing along.

He will weave a melodic curtain into the background of your event, which will match your desire for the perfect event. We assure you that Tyler Stephen country artist will create an unforgettable impression on every guest.


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