Savannah knight is a mind-boggling soul R&B vocalist/songwriter being native of Sheffield, England and now dwelling in London. Drawing motivation from her life’s journey and composing tunes that mirror the diverse difficulties it brings to the table. Savannah Knight hit songs describes her life experiences through her interesting lyrics.


Born and raised in Sheffield, before moving to New York City in her late teens and then back to Britain and London, where she is now based, she has traveled widely and extensively. The experience she has – the people she has met and the loves she has lost and found – have shaped the songwriting of the old pop/ soul singer.


Savannah knight and Banner Records have come together and have set a new music magical experience for others. The great Banner Records is under the wings of industry veterans John Anthony, President/CEO, Dylan Bernstein son of late music icon Sid Bernstein and Arnie Abrams. Savannah was signed to the world known label before the passing of partner Sid Bernstein. This great artist will stand the test of time.


Savannah’s influences have been predominantly R&B, soul and gospel artists. Her inspiration is derived from a myriad of artists such as Aretha Franklin, Donnel Jones, Faith Evans, Whitney Houston, Kelly Price, Chantelle Moore and many more. She has shared the stage with the likes of Mica Paris, Lisa Stansfield, Marvyn Sapp, Jocelyn Brown, and Fred Hammond to name a just few.

Banner records, on the other hand, sits somewhere between the planes of reality and dreams. It’s a state of mind and cal, not necessarily where today’s concerns are put aside, but where we can choose what concerns us.


As the music industry embraces streaming and a more digital strategy, we prove to be a valuable reminder of how music retail can be a social affair; people hanging out together as a community and buying records.


We pride ourselves on having a solid capacity to spot and create youthful talent, the label’s reputation for being the ideal venturing stone to a productive profession upgrades on regular schedule.


Through banner records, Savannah Knight has the chance to have her music and her God-given ability as an extraordinary vocalist and performer, delivered to media stations around the world and Savannah Knight hit songs are so popular worldwide. Savannah Knight is the place talent and enormity lives respectively.


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