An independent record label is a record label that operates without funding of or outside major record labels. Any commercial bands and musical acts begin their careers on independent labels and we are one of the biggest independent record labels NJ.


We are an ideal place for new artists to develop their talent into a polished marketable product. As we have contributed years of experience and expertise to artists who are true to their craft, devoted and dedicated to their music. Our digital studio allows musicians to focus on their work in an independent environment. From songwriting to production to publicity and distribution, we integrate every aspect of artist development in one professional team.


As independent record labels in New Jersey, we promote artists ’audio products through advertising in media, such as print, electronic and online media. We locate talent, choosing the songs, style, and format of your album, then do everything. We provide the artist with studio, an engineer, and producer, we have the tracks mixed and mastered, arrange for cover art and have your CDs pressed. We’ll be the advertising and marketing department, working with distributors, getting your band gigs on the road and making sure your CDs and posters are displayed in stores.


It’s pretty simple that we love music. There is no preferred inclination for us over to have the capacity to enable extraordinary bands and artists to achieve their goals that were already distant. Each and every one of us at banner records is a genuine music enthusiast and that is the reason we are considered to be the biggest independent record labels NJ.


We have the best and extraordinarily talented artists with us and the role of our record company is to nurture, promote and distribute music around the world. We, on the other hand, sit somewhere between the planes of reality and dreams. It is a state of mind and calm, not necessarily where today’s concerns are put aside, but where we can choose what concern us.


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