• Origin New York City, USA
  • Genres Latin Jazz
  • Email info@BannerRecords.com


The Impeccable German Jazz / Latin Trumpeter
Discovered By “ Beatles” Legendary Promoter Sid Bernstein
And John Anthony President/CEO At Banner Records
It all began at the age of 15 with a love of the majestic sound of the Spanish trumpet and the Latin rhythms which hypnotized Jeffrey Wallis Vonstenz. After spending years perfecting his unique horn style, Jeffrey decided that it was time to form a top Jazz / Latin group. The magic then began.

This band of great musicians included Jorge Vargas of Cuba, Anero Diaz of Panama, Pablo Cintron of Puerto Rico,and Jonas Heinz of Germany a few of the great gifted players.


Jeff’s performances with these top musicians rode on top of the super dance rhythms and perfectly combined into a uniquely powerful sound. Vargas called him the ‘Viking’ . This evolved into his current nickname that stuck among the other musicians and how he is referred to today…El Rubio.

Anthony and Bernstein took this Great and enthusiastic horn player under their wings and into south side barrio of Brooklyn and performed at some of the hottest spots in the area. El Rubio lived and breathed Jazz / Latin music. Vargas would take him to the top clubs to introduce other great musicians to him. Together, they would create their own original and sensational Jazz / Latin sound.

After many performances at some of the top New York City jazz clubs, these super musicians formed their act…The Ceasars Jazz Playboys. After performing at these NYC hot spots, club owners throughout the area learned about this fantastic new sound and the band branched out to Philadelphia.PA to perform at the Five Spot, and transformed this terrific live music venue into a powerhouse Jazz / Latin nightclub.

Given their growing fan base and following, The Ceasars Jazz Playboys recorded their sophisticated sound at the famous Sigma Sound Studios (where famous artists including The Jacksons, The Stylistics and The Spinners recorded albums), and not long after their songs were cut, John Anthony, President and CEO at Banner Records and partner Sid Bernstein icon concert promoter started to move forward with Vonstenz with his devotion and the perfection of performance he always gave.

Sid Bernstein (responsible for bringing bands to the United States including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits, The Moody Blues, and The Kinks, The Rascals,James Brown,Tito Puente),Bernstein and Anthony also had a strong attraction for that big band Jazz / Latin sound.

Banner Records began to incorporate El Rubio in the studio on other artist’s projects from the Banner Records label, which led to special projects showcasing the music of El Rubio and his magical horn. El Rubio was signed to Banner Records for his now own project, which will be released in early 2019 to worldwide radio and all music fans of the Jazz /Latin music. Banner Records offices are located in Pittsburgh,PA,New Jersey, New York and Tennesee. The label looks forward to bringing El Rubio & his Orchestra/Singers to Pittsburgh,PA in early March 2019 to the well known Kaufmann Center to kick things off for the great German Trumpeter.


El Rubio’s first CD titled Flight to Barcelona is a great musical project that Banner Records is proud to release in 2019. El Rubio and his Orchestra are one of the freshest and exciting powerful Jazz /Latin acts to come along in decades.…Banner Records, evolved back in the 1920”s promoting acts like the Great Duke Ellington Orchestra and so many more.Banner Records is know all over the world for many decades and very highly respected.