• Origin Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Genres Pop/Soul/Blues
  • Email info@BannerRecords.com

Rachel grew up in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. She began playing the piano as soon as she was grown enough to reach the keys. She would hear her mother and father play, and would imitate the sounds she heard.

Singing and harmonizing with her parents and brother were common around the house when Rachel was growing up. At age six her grandfather would give her 25 cents to sing for the neighbors. Always willing and ready to perform, Rachel was a local star at a very young age. She started taking flute lessons in elementary school and played in the concert band and marching band in high school. She also sang in the choir and played leading roles in middle school and high school musicals.

Rachel studied voice at Moravian College and sang in the choir all four years. After college she sang and played flute in a Celtic trio and played at festivals and weddings. Her brother recognized her talent at playing various different instruments by ear and encouraged her to continue. She also taught herself how to play rhythm guitar and bass guitar to accompany herself while singing. By playing multiple instruments, Rachel would increase her opportunities to perform in different local bands. Inspired by her parents and brother, she perfected her craft as a singer, musician, and dynamic performer. Writing and arranging music are also her passion.

Rachel inherited her mother’s talent for mural painting, and her work can be found in many places of business. Rachel was discovered by John Anthony while performing as a vocalist and keyboard player in another local band. Anthony quickly realized that she had an extremely special talent and was a shining star on and off the stage. He soon after signed her to the label.

Look forward to the strong presence of Rachel Conrad in the music industry for 2018 with her unique voice of Pop/Soul coming from the heart.