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                               Country  Artist     Singer /  Songwriter /  Entertainer                                                          

     Gary originally hails from New Albany, Ohio.


     After spending much of his time in Nashville seeking to find a label to believe in his talent, he found a way to reach out  to music master John Anthony at Banner Records.



     Gary was then invited to make his  presentation for the label. Gary displayed his best. The label was impressed and soon afterwards he was signed to the company roster. Gary then spent the next eight months working in the studio on his debut CD " Time Love & Money ". 



     His first  release "Dance Till Dawn" charted at No.10 in Europe and No.22 in the U.S.A.


     Other songs written by Gary and released by the label from his first CD charted very well around the world.


     His second CD self titled " Gary Campbell " contains one of his most popular recordings written by the legendary Hit songwriter Byron Hill titled " You're The Reason Why "  and Gary's first Hit " Dance Till Dawn "




     Gary fans got to hear a different flavor from him as his single " My First Million " was released in Europe and was a top requested country song on various radio stations.


     The song is available now at iTunes and all other internet music outlet sites. " My First Million " Ringtone is available now

     for all smart phones.In the later part of 2014 the label will re-release a new version of Campbell's first International Hit

     " Dance Till Dawn "











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