We are an independent record label company that promotes best new country artists. In short, we go out and find tunes that we like and then we try to represent and promote them. Priding itself on a strong ability to spot and develop young talent, our label’s reputation increases day by day.

We never chase money over content: we trust that our signings know better than the marketplace about the secrets of musical alchemy – we merely do our best to provide the environment, resources, and support necessary to make this happen.

Our main objective is to promote and support and establish the top country artists and we are an artist-friendly record label. Our forward-thinking solution meets the need of the modern artist that empowers artists to be music entrepreneurs and gives them a vehicle for their music to succeed.

We have made it possible for any top country artists across the globe to get their music to a wide section of listeners. While it may not necessarily be a profit-making venture at first, there is something hugely rewarding and futuristic about the ability to nurture fresh talents without jeopardizing creative freedom.

We act as a vehicle for best new country artists to release a new generation of independent music and have grown to support a roster of national and international acts that spans across genres. Our label works intimately with every artist to guarantee their vision is conveyed to the commercial center as an unaltered and delightful bit of art. We give a full scope of business services to our roster and offer circulation for different associated autonomous musicians and we likewise have a professionally planned, designed and sonically recording studio space for our artists.

We also believe that live performance is also a truly lasting musical format, with memory being our sharpest stylus. So, we are committed to releasing extraordinary and marvelous records in whatever presentation science suggests that time.

As we don’t care about what sells, we care about what survives…..


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