About Arnie Abrams

Arnie Abrams, New Jersey record labelsArnie Abrams started playing piano at the early age of 5. At that young age, he began copying the hand movements of his father, an accomplished, self-taught pianist. His dad played exclusively by ear, and despite the fact that he could not read a single note, Howard Abrams knew and could play thousands of songs, all by ear, and without the use of sheet music.

Arnie’s musical signature is his high-energy ‘Harlem Stride’ style,  and is now what he is known for in the local New Jersey, metro New York City & Philadelphia music circuit, along with his talented ear for picking up songs quickly and playing them after just hearing them once or twice. Arnie also realized that he was blessed with perfect pitch, which helps him enormously when he works with other musicians and vocalists on the Banner label.

Arnie combines his classically trained technique with the talent, style, and enthusiasm to produce wonderful musical arrangements. This unique combination makes Abrams as the label’s VP and arranger a strong contributor to Banner Records.

Arnie Abrams grew up in the mid 70’s, so many of his favorite musicians and artists are from that period, and his creative ear adds to the strength of the best record labels in New Jersey.